Investment Approach
  • Our investment philosophy is governed by two primary objectives - first to ensure that we preserve investor capital and second that we optimise the risk/reward profile of the portfolio for our investors
  • We perform independent in-house research and analysis to identify investment opportunities. Our in-depth bottom-up company analysis is complemented with top-down research
  • Sagil employs a value-orientated approach to investing. We perform detailed financial statement analysis and meet regularly with companies to gain first-hand knowledge of financial performance, strategy, management and future prospects                                                                           
  • We seek to confirm our thoughts and findings by comparing results to other companies in the same industry and by checking data to independent sources
  • Risk is managed continually and is an integral part of our asset allocation and portfolio construction process
  • We ensure that diversification is in place to reduce risks 
Sagil Capital LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Sagil Capital LLP is registered as an Exempt Reporting Advisor with the SEC.
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